CraftWorks Restaurant and Breweries, the nation’s leading operator and franchisor of nearly 200 craft beer-focused casual dining and brewery restaurants, announced September 12 that they have selected Quickcue for guest engagement technology.

Allen Corey, CEO of CraftWorks states, "We are excited about what our relationship with Quickcue means for our restaurants and our guests. Their team is designing some amazing tools that we think are a new approach to what you might expect in guest engagement."

Rob Stickley, vice president of revenue for CraftWorks explains, "We know that the more we know about our guests, their preferences and what is important to them – the better we can tailor our service and hospitality approach to individual needs. The tools Quickcue will provide will assist us in providing a one of a kind guest experience."

The Quickcue iPad application, already in use at two CraftWorks locations including Big River Grille & Brewing Works, Hamilton Place, and Bluewater Grille in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is designed to help restaurants manage tables, wait lists and reservations, collect guest and party preferences, and send notifications to guests. It replaces the wait list, reservation book, table map, and restaurant pagers in one simple app while collecting valuable guest and operational data that provides unique guest insights that directly impact the guest experience.

In July, Quickcue released its first version, which replaces the paper wait list and reservation book, and allows guests to receive mobile table notifications. Quickcue is creating a suite of web, tablet, and mobile software tools that improve operations and are focused on guest engagement. "This is the first set of operational tools we are creating for restaurants," Bo Ferger, CEO of Quickcue, explains. "The full suite of features including table management, guestbook, guest analytics, POS integration and rewards will ultimately round out all of the data providing a full guest profile to the restaurant." 

Quickcue grew out of a Chattanooga 48 Hour Launch tech startup weekend last year. The concept came from the simple idea that restaurants and their guests can work together to create remarkable dining experiences.

“We think our approach is a bit different,” remarks Jackson Alexander, Quickcue’s director of product. "We place a high level of focus on the design and user experience of our products. Many of our team have managed and worked in restaurants and believe strongly that any technology solution must be beautiful, easy to use and starts where the technology directly impacts the guest.”

“We’re excited about the validation that the CraftWorks relationship represents,” Ferger states. ”With customers like CraftWorks and the valuable feedback they provide we have many more exciting things to come.”

Quickcue is revolutionizing the way restaurants engage their guests. The Quickcue host stand iPad application serves as the hub for restaurants to manage their wait list, take reservations, and develop rich guestbook profiles that create loyal customers and valuable guest insights. Founded in 2011, and headquartered in Chattanooga Tennessee, Quickcue is currently available in the Apple™ iTunes App Store.

CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc., through its three principal operating units, Old Chicago, Gordon Biersch, and Rock Bottom, is the nation’s leading operator and franchisor of craft beer-focused casual dining and brewery restaurants.

CraftWorks also operates regional brands, including ChopHouse and Big River and maintains intellectual property rights to the Boulder Beer, Inc. microbrewery. The company maintains dual headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Louisville, Colorado. 

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