In the wake of increased allegations of inappropriate behavior in the workplace, Charleston Hospitality Group (CHG) is organizing a “Say It’s Safe” campaign. Inspired by similar named initiatives in the restaurant industry dedicated to ensuring workplace safety, “Say it’s Safe” is dedicated to preventing, addressing and recovering from this type of behavior. 

“We are reaching out to several notable Human Resource professionals to get an even stronger in-house support system and movement in place. In addition to prevention and addressing the problem, we want to focus on what happens after the assault, and helping the victims move forward,” says CHG Resource Management Director Alexis Barnes.

Barnes is one of nearly fifteen women holding top management positions at CHG. Three of CHG’s longest-standing employees are women in top management roles including Vice President Christina Tsang, Toast! Brand Manager Sharon Egri, and Toast! Kitchen Manager Billie Littles.  This is a reflection of Charleston Hospitality Group CEO Sam Mustafa’s respect for the talent of women in successfully navigating management of the corporation. 

“We’re always interested in improving opportunities for all of our employees. My views on my management team has always been one of respect for the talents and energies that each of them contribute. That goes for all CHG employees, men and women alike.  This latest initiative is another measure to ensure their safety and productivity at work and lead to happier lives outside of work, too,” says Mustafa.

“Say It’s Safe” will be fully implemented in coming weeks and available to all employees.

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