After proving to be a huge success, Chandi Hospitality Group has decided to hold another Craft Beer Crawl. Taking place between Chandi Hospitality’s three downtown restaurants, Bibi’s Burger Bar, Beer Baron Bar & Kitchen, and Stout Brothers Irish Pub, guests are encouraged to spend about an hour at each location. Each restaurant will be holding a different brewery’s beers on tap for participants to taste. The libations include Sonoma Springs Brewing Company at Bibi’s, St. Florian’s Brewery at Beer Baron, and Moonlight Brewing Company at Stout Brothers. This event will also give crawlers the opportunity to obtain brewery swag if they venture to all three locations. If they collect a different colored beaded necklace, first from Bibi’s (6–7 p.m.), then from Beer Baron (7–8 p.m.), and finally from Stout Brothers (8–9 p.m.), they can cash those necklaces in for swag at the merchandise table. The event will take place on Thursday August 2 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. As a special treat, Stout Brothers will be featuring the live band Hot Start at their location from 8–11 p.m. to signify the end of the crawl and continue the party afterward. Three featured breweries, three great locations, one awesome night.

What Chandi Hospitality is striving to do is make downtown Santa Rosa, California, a fun scene for people to come and enjoy. By creating new events such as this beer crawl, Chandi Hospitality is inviting the whole community to come together.

Chandi Hospitality has played a big part in the community for years now and the Chandi family continues to be dedicated toward making its community a better place for everyone. Building businesses that provide great experiences like the Craft Beer Crawl is just one way of supporting its community’s growth.

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