The critically acclaimed Chef'sChoice Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener Model 2100 is now even more versatile with the introduction of a new accessory―a sharpening module for ceramic knives.

The Chef'sChoice Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener Model 2100 is ideal for today’s fast paced commercial kitchens and is a perfect solution for quickly sharpening knives in a cost and time efficient manner. Anyone can quickly and easily put a razor sharp edge on all commercial cutlery with the Model 2100.

This three-stage Commercial Diamond Hone sharpener Model 2100 incorporates advanced technology to sharpen both fine-edge and serrated knives. The unique edge geometry produced by its three-stage sharpening process can produce an edge with extraordinary "bite" or an edge with the perfection of a razor blade.  The Model 2100 comes with a standard removable 20-degree edge sharpening module that is dish washer safe for easy cleaning. MSRP $599.99.

Model 2100 Replacement Sharpening Module For Ceramic Knives (15 degree class):

Now available for the Model 2100, is an optional sharpening module for ceramic knives. (Currently available sharpeners for commercial application are expensive and use messy water based abrasives. They only remove major chips from the edge, without restoring precision factory type edge). The Model 2100 Module for Ceramic Knives uses advanced diamond abrasive technology and precision guides to remove most chipped edges and restore a professional factory grade edge that is razor sharp with an arch-shaped geometry for added durability. Available for $139.99. Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.

More About the Model 2100 Sharpener:  Designed to meet stringent U.S. and European electrical standards and safety requirements, the Chef'sChoice Commercial Diamond Hone® Knife Sharpener Model 2100 has been engineered and field-tested for long life and high performance in the rugged environment of commercial kitchens. Engineered and manufactured in the U.S., it is available in both 110 volt and 220-volt models. Enclosed in a sturdy metal housing, the quiet, continuous duty motor powers a stainless steel shaft and sintered stainless bearings. Sturdy high-tack rubber feet hold the sharpener securely to the work surface. The unit is compact (about 12 3/16-inches long by 5-inches high and 5-inches deep) to fit into even the most crowded kitchen. The suggested list price (U.S.) of the Chef'sChoice Commercial Knife Sharpener Model 2100 is $599.99.  Spare sharpening modules (one to wash, one to use, for 15 degree class knives, 20 degree class knives or our new  ceramic module (for 20 degree class knives) are available at a suggested list price (U.S.) of $139.99. 

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