Caviar, a company known for delivering from America’s best independent restaurants, introduced its first mobile app.

The free Caviar app enables customers to order from their favorite restaurants direct to their living room or desk. Caviar’s delivery service is available in local markets across the country.

Caviar uniquely partners directly with restaurants to offer delivery from tough-to-get-into restaurants. With Caviar anyone can order delivery from iconic restaurants across the country whether you’re craving the Mexican-style corn from New York’s Cafe Habana, wood-fired margherita pizza from San Francisco’s A16, or churros from Xoco in Chicago.

The new Caviar App for iOS offers customers affordable delivery with a seamless mobile interface, showcasing full-color photos of each restaurant and menu item. With the new app, customers can now order directly from their phone and customize menu items with special requests and additions.

Once an order is placed, customers can track the status of their delivery and follow their courier using the app’s GPS tracking feature. Caviar works closely with restaurant partners and couriers to ensure the highest quality delivery experience every time. Customers can also view past orders for quick and easy repeat delivery of their favorite meals.

Caviar is part of Square, Inc’s full suite of tools for businesses, enabling restaurants across the country to reach more customers, grow their sales and expand their reach.

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