Carlick Contract Furniture Ltd announced the launch, and inaugural installations, of the world’s first wooden, self-stabilizing table base with alignment technology: the “Wellington.” Using FLAT’s award-winning technology, located in the table base, the Wellington doesn’t wobble on uneven surfaces and it allows users to perfectly align multiple table tops. The table provides a solution to two major problems that pubs, bars, and restaurants worldwide all suffer—table stability and alignment.

Patrons at these establishments can expect to not have their drinks spill due to wobbly tables, meaning the chain benefits from improved customer satisfaction and their staff no longer have to waste time propping up tables with unsightly beer mats or dealing with related customer complaints.

Neil Harrison, Carlick managing director, says, “Carlick has always pioneered the use of innovative technologies, designs, materials, and finishes, and in many cases we have been first to market with them. Our customers expect us to deliver quality, problem-solving products at affordable prices. The collaboration with FLAT has been exciting and we’re now able to manufacture quality wood tables that don’t wobble on uneven surfaces, which has been a real problem for not only pubs but also restaurants everywhere.”

FLAT has been selling their self-stabilizing cast iron, stainless steel and aluminum table bases worldwide, providing a unique alternative to regular wobbly tables. Their collaboration with Carlick has resulted in their technology being integrated into wooden table bases for the first time bringing traditional base design and 21st century technology together.

“Working with Carlick has opened up a host of new opportunities for both companies. Wooden table bases suffer from the same issues as their metal counterparts; they wobble,” says Mike Drake, managing director at FLAT. “We have been able to integrate our solution into other manufacturers’ base styles and materials via a licensing agreement. This adds tremendous value to our partners’ products and provides a tried and tested solution for their customers.”

Carlick were able to integrate FLAT’s technology into their wooden table base by working closely with FLAT’s engineering team. Ozcan Ozagir, chief operating officer at FLAT, explains, “We provided Carlick with a patented clip called a PUK [Patented Undercarriage Key], which is fixed underneath the table base. The PAD [FLAT’s stabilizing technology] then easily connects with the PUK and stays secure. The process was very straight forward and demonstrates that FLAT can be retro-fitted into Carlick’s self-stabilizing table base is available in both dining and poseur heights. Bases can be made in different sizes and customers can even have their own custom design to suit their needs and style.

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