California Avocado Bruschetta with Chile Jam, Crab and California Avocado Quesadilla, and Plantain-California Avocado Rolls are a few examples of dishes made with Fresh California Avocados that take a diner to a new culinary destination.

That journey is right on target for 2015.

When the National Restaurant Association compiled 2015 Menu Trends to Watch based on its annual What’s Hot Culinary Forecast, “Going More Global” rose to the top. As ethnic cuisines make inroads onto mainstream menus and American palates grow more adventuresome, operators are delving into micro-regional flavors, fusing seasonal and ethnic ingredients into signature dishes.

With a mild, nutty taste, a rich, smooth texture and ever-growing popular appeal, customers familiar with Fresh California Avocados in Latin dishes are now finding them in Caribbean and other tropical cuisines. As culinary borders blur, operators make broader use of their flavor and versatility–in Italian-style bruschetta, for example.

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