C3 (Creating Culinary Communities), a global food tech platform founded by visionary Sam Nazarian, announced the appointment of Vikram Raghavan as chief product and technology officer. Raghavan’s extensive expertise will bolster C3’s product and technology departments, forging an exciting new path ahead by accelerating the company’s prowess in data science, digital marketing, and eCommerce. 

Conceptualized in 2019, C3 experienced accelerated growth this past year as the hospitality industry saw massive digital adoption. Raghavan was driven to C3 after observing the pandemic’s impact on the industry as consumers made a dramatic shift to online ordering and last-mile delivery. Given how nascent food commerce technology is, he is keen to leverage his experience from rapidly scaling companies, like Amazon and Singlecare, to further identify the areas of untapped growth C3 can expand upon. In his 15-year career at distinguished technology staples like Overstock, Raghavan has managed over $5 billion in marketing spend, which uniquely positions him to lead both the technology and marketing strategies of C3’s premium quick-service brands.

 “Sam is an icon in the global lifestyle industry and has capitalized on his know-how to build a highly differentiated [quick-service] business backed by the most distinguished culinary talent,” says Raghavan, a veteran in the eCommerce space. “With C3, Sam has given Michelin-rated chefs access to the masses by providing them with a platform to distribute their recipes across kitchens worldwide without sacrificing quality and at an affordable price point.”

Prior to joining C3, Raghavan accomplished a storied history of launching products and scaling technology across large and small companies. During his tenure as chief product officer at Singlecare and Overstock.com, he built and managed various eCommerce, multi-channel marketing, and data science organizations, while also developing product roadmaps. Raghavan has also held various leadership roles at Amazon, Capital One, and Cafepress.

 “In preparation of another explosive year of growth at C3, Vik’s refreshing—and calculated—Silicon Valley–trained tech perspective is critical,” Nazarian says. “There is no doubt in my mind that hiring him as chief product and technology officer will further establish us as not only a hospitality company but also a fierce tech contender. Under his helm, we’re excited to continue to transform how we evolve contemporary dining.”

With efficiency and data at the forefront, Raghavan will amplify C3’s growth strategy by addressing three key pillars: activating online channels to create an influx of demand, leveraging software to create operational efficiencies, and building a data science approach to pricing and supply chain automation.

Additionally, he will focus on transforming C3’s first-of-its-kind application, GO by Citizens, which supports shifting consumer preferences through data by allowing customers to pick and choose their favorite menu items from multiple restaurants and conveniently put them in one single order.

Raghavan joined C3 effective January 19, following the appointment of Pasha Mehran as chief strategy officer. The two add to the more than 3,500 employees C3 hired across the U.S. in 2021. The brand plans to hire another 5,000 employees domestically and internationally with offices in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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