To meet growing demand, Butterball now offers Chorizo Seasoned Ground Turkey to the foodservice industry. Turkey chorizo has about half the calories, fat, and sodium of beef or pork chorizo.

Flavor and healthier choices are key drivers of the food decisions patrons make when dining out, and Butterball’s turkey chorizo gives them a chance to try something new. For chefs, turkey chorizo is a versatile product that is ideal for menu applications across every daypart. Foodservice operators cite the top 10 uses for ground turkey as chili, meatballs, meatloaf, tacos, lettuce wraps, shepherd’s pie, empanadas, nachos, Bolognese sauce and pizza—all of which can be easily spiced up with chorizo turkey.

Butterball Foodservice Executive Chef Tony Seta created two recipe inspirations to highlight the new chorizo turkey product:

Turkey Chorizo Street Tacos: Ground chorizo takes center stage in this easy-to-prepare dish, which draws inspiration from the food truck craze and is ideal for chefs wanting to tap into the street food trend. It’s a great option for lunch and dinner, as well as breakfast when made with scrambled eggs and a pico de gallo topping.

Turkey Omelet Flatbread: Wake up diners’ taste buds and experience the versatility of chorizo ground turkey with this flavorful menu concept that blends Mexican oregano, cinnamon, allspice, crushed red pepper and red wine vinegar. Serve for breakfast or brunch with sausage links or crispy hash browns on the side and fresh juice or Mexican hot chocolate.

Heather Sheffield, foodservice marketing manager for Butterball Foodservice, says, “We’re seeing chorizo become one of the hottest ingredients to entice diners of all ages to try something new and explore bolder tastes. Our new turkey chorizo helps foodservice operators deliver a greater variety of flavorful meal options, but with much better nutritionals than dishes made with beef or pork chorizo.”

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