Consumer interest in clean label, healthy eating and global flavors continue to rise. New Bush’s Best Classic Hummus Made Easy makes it easy for operators to satisfy all three of these customer preferences with delicious fresh-made hummus.

Hummus has played a key role in the healthy-snack trend and is a favorite of vegans and vegetarians—a quickly growing market. Made with simple ingredients like garbanzo beans, tahini, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice, it is easy to see why operators and consumers gravitate to hummus. Classic Hummus Made Easy is shelf stable and gluten-free. To prepare, simply blend the contents of the pouch with Bush’s Best Garbanzo Beans in a food processor—resulting in fresh-made hummus in seconds.

“As a bean company, we learned how to make hummus the old-fashioned way, with simple ingredients and absolutely no artificial preservatives,” says Ben Carpenter, Bush Brothers Company associate brand manager of foodservice. “The most difficult part of making great hummus is balancing its simple ingredients to create the perfect blend. With Bush’s Best Classic Hummus Made Easy we take care of that crucial step in the process so operators can focus on signaturizing the recipe to best fit their menu.”

Traditionally a Mediterranean dish, today’s menus are incorporating hummus not only as a dip, but in a wide variety of unique menu applications. Hummus is infinitely customizable and offers a base for incorporating interesting and unique flavors.

“Classic Hummus Made Easy produces a craveable hummus with seasoning, texture and clean taste that chefs appreciate and consumers love,” says Bush’s Best Consulting Chef Rob Corliss (All Things Epicurean). “The speed and ease of the process allows chefs to showcase this timeless hummus flavor on its own or incorporate subtle, on-trend and signature flavor notes of his or her choosing in a multitude of menu applications. Equally strong as a spread on sandwiches or wraps, a mix into soups and sauces or a traditional dip, hummus can be your culinary linchpin—a versatile ingredient that works across menu categories and dayparts.”

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