Quiet Light Communications, Inc. (QLC) has announced its newest client partnership with Bunge Oils. Quiet Light has assumed the role of primary media and public relations contact for Bunge Oils, effective immediately.

Media planning for Bunge’s Q2-Q4 2013 advertising efforts will begin at the end of February.

QLC has had close and long-standing relationships with publications within the food service trade for many years, and it is their belief that there should be a symbiotic relationship between the media, the client, and the agency whenever possible. There are times, however, when the client company prefers to cede media relations to the agency and focus on other aspects of their job. This is one of those times.

Bill McCullough, VP of Marketing, at Bunge, has requested that all inquiries and communication regarding media opportunities be directed through Nancy Harmel, Media Director. 

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