Buffalo’s Cafe a family-friendly restaurant with classic American-inspired cuisine, invites wing fanatics everywhere to commemorate National Chicken Wing Day with an All You Can Eat Wing Night on July 29th. Additionally, those with the word “wing” in their last name will get free all-you-can-eat wings! With spiciness levels ranging from mild to Death Valley, the wing party is guaranteed to take flight with bold, fresh flavors.  

The chain boasts a wide assortment of finger-licking flavors such as Asian Sesame, Honey Garlic, Sweet Bourbon BBQ, and Coconut Jerk to tantalize any palate. Adventurous wing connoisseurs can even mix any two of the restaurant’s signature flavors to create their own taste experience! Buffalo’s Cafe prides itself on its fresh, never-frozen chicken wings that come in the traditional bone-in style, but diners can also choose the boneless, hand-breaded option for the all-you-can-eat promotion.

“We are excited to host this special night on National Chicken Wing Day and foresee an enormous amount wings being devoured by our hungry guests,” says Andy Wiederhorn, CEO of Buffalo’s Cafe. “We know our fans will have a great time with the all-you-can-eat special and can’t wait to meet those special wing-lovers who even have “wing” in their last names!”



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