Fantasy football leagues have changed the way we follow professional football and even the way games are covered. But it’s also changed the restaurant business in some surprising ways.

President and CEO Roger David says that during the pro football season, Buffalo Wings & Rings sees a decided uptick in fantasy coaches taking advantage of its high-definition matrix television units and he’s added some features to make fantasy leagues feel more at home.

Buffalo Wings & Rings will be kicking off the football season with a custom experience designed specifically for fantasy players. An online reservation system, weekly discounts on food and drinks, and a commissioners’ starter pack are among the ways the fast-growing sports restaurant franchise plans to please its sports fans this season.

“Fantasy sports are fun but organizing draft days, league meetings and just enjoying the social aspect of the game calls for the right set-up,” says David. “Our new online reservation system lets players make sure they have a spot to cheer on their favorite teams and key players, and maybe do a little polite trash-talking over good food with their friends.”

A prime example of how businesses are catering to fantasy players is BW&R’s Draft Day package. The restaurant makes a huge draft board available to leagues and provides free internet access and a draft kit guaranteeing a seamless experience.

Leagues can schedule a draft party using an online reservation system or phone in to claim their space. On draft day, the commissioner of each league receives a free t-shirt and the draft kit including koozies, Fantasy Cheat Sheets, and a playbook of coupons to enjoy throughout the entire season.

“The game has changed and BW&R gets it; Fantasy Football players want the luxury of watching their entire roster without stepping foot into a stadium,” says David. “BW&R provides that luxury with several high-definition televisions within an open, sports-centric environment all season long.” 

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