There’s one emotion that defines sports fans more than any other: Hope. What happened last year was last year. This can always be the year when things turn around. As America’s largest sports bar, Buffalo Wild Wings is taking that optimistic outlook into 2021, ready to leave 2020 behind and focus on making this year the greatest comeback ever.

That’s why Buffalo Wild Wings is releasing the 2021 Rally Cap—the universal symbol of hope in the sports world. To build on the momentum of a new year, Buffalo Wild Wings has also partnered with an exclusive group of people who will be repping the Rally Cap during the final week of December.

Available for a limited time for $20.21 at, all proceeds will benefit the Buffalo Wild Wings Foundation, whose mission is to build communities where all kids can thrive, compete and belong to a team.

Whether you flip your cap inside out or not, let’s swing the momentum in 2021 and make this the best year yet.

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