Sauce superfans spoke and Buffalo Wild Wings listened: Jammin’ Jalapeño is officially back. After being retired from the menu three years ago, fans went to extreme lengths to demand that Buffalo Wild Wings bring back their favorite wing sauce: they amassed more than 1,000 signatures on a petition and flooded social media, constantly reminding Buffalo Wild Wings that fans across the country desired the sweet heat that mixed jalapeño sauce with hints of tequila and lime. All of that hard work paid off when the brand announced the sauce would return to its restaurants on a limited run now through February 17. 

To make the announcement memorable, the Buffalo Wild Wings social media team searched back through three years and thousands of messages from fans to share the news—and in some cases, slid into their direct messages to coordinate sending Jammin’ Jalapeño gift packages — complete with bottles of the much-craved sauce.

In addition to social media announcements, Buffalo Wild Wings created videos designed to highlight the passion fans have around the Jammin’ Jalapeño sauce

“Since we took it away three years ago, invariably whatever we post on social will have some sort of commentary from fans about bringing back Jammin’ Jalapeño. There’s more passion around our wing sauces than anything else, and we want to show that we listen to our fans,” says Micah Hart, director of social media, Buffalo Wild Wings.

“If you responded to a tweet that we posted within the last three years, we went back and replied to that comment to say Jammin’ Jalapeño is coming back,” Micah adds. “We think it’s been a fun surprise for our fans.”

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