On Wednesday, Buffalo Wild Wings is introducing a new limited-time sauce, called Truffalo.

No need to fly to Italy or make a reservation at a stuffy 5-star restaurant, as America’s sports bar is bringing a delicacy to the masses. The limited-time sauce is made with real white truffles and combines the earthiness of truffles with a spicy buffalo sauce that gives a kick of heat with a slightly sweet finish.

Sure, truffle flavors have been popular for a while now but you’ve never tried them like this. It’s the latest menu enhancement from Buffalo Wild Wings, and another example of sauce innovation – a priority for the brand’s culinary team moving forward. Last fall, BWW added Orange Chicken, Blazin’ Carolina Reaper and Lemon Pepper sauces to the menu. BWW currently offers a total of 26 sauces and seasonings.

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