Buffalo Wild Wings has spent much of the past two years fine-tuning its menu by introducing the craveable All-American Cheeseburger, hand-breaded chicken platform, bigger, juicier and tastier boneless wings, and a savory smoked brisket platform. In its latest menu enhancement, sauce innovation takes center stage with four new options: Orange Chicken, Lemon Pepper, Carolina Reaper, and the limited-time-only Pizza Wings.

Guests can try all these new menu offerings at Buffalo Wild Wings sports bars nationwide. And to make the new menu offerings even sweeter, guests can also score free delivery on any order placed online or via the Buffalo Wild Wings mobile app. The free delivery promotion begins this Thursday, September 10, and will be available until September 30.

“Guests love our sauces and the flavor variety is really what sets Buffalo Wild Wings apart from the competition,” says Jamie Carawan, Vice President of Brand Menu and Culinary of Buffalo Wild Wings. “But we felt there was room for even more innovation when it comes to saucing our wings, so we dialed up the creativity in a way that should get wing lovers talking. We should own the conversation when it comes to wing sauce flavors and we intend to do that.”

The flavor of each wing sauce brings something unique to the Buffalo Wild Wings menu.

  • First up, and just in time for kickoff, are Pizza Wings. The gameday decision of pizza vs. wings is now easier than ever with this ultimate football food. Pizza Wings feature Garlic Parmesan sauce dusted with tomato powder and basil that gives fans that classic pizza flavor without all the carbs.
  • The Orange Chicken sauce delivers an Asian comfort food experience with a sweet, orange citrusy flavor that’s emphasized by a hint of cayenne peppers and soy and will be served alongside a special Buffalo Wild Wings fortune cookie.
  • Lemon Pepper dry seasoning already resides on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu, but the new flavor-packed Lemon Pepper sauce is a wet version that blends lemon, black pepper and butter for an explosion of flavor that should become an instant favorite for lemon pepper wing lovers.
  • Carolina Reaper sauce, taking over as Buffalo Wild Wings new Blazin’ offering, features the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper, blended with hot sauce, vinegar and a hint of red bell pepper and onion.

This is just the beginning for Buffalo Wild Wings when it comes to sauce innovation, as the culinary team has been hard at work over the last eight months developing a line of new and unique sauces to be rolled out in the coming years.

“I think overall, our mindset behind our sauces is they’re bold, not delicate. We wanted to create sauces that coat the wing and have really vibrant flavors, and I think you’ll taste that as we begin to roll out these new offerings,” adds Tara Gimenez, product manager at Buffalo Wild Wings.

In addition to the wing sauce flavors, Buffalo Wild Wings is introducing a trendy, vegetable-based option to the menu: crispy Cauliflower Wings. Cauliflower Wings are featured with Asian Zing sauce, then topped with everything pretzel spice, sesame, garlic, salt, pepper, Fresno peppers and scallions. The wings can also be tossed in any of Buffalo Wild Wings’ 26 sauce flavors.

“This is a great non-meat option that is crispy, breaded and really checks all the boxes when it comes to quality, flavor and appearance,” Carawan says. “It was a big win adding Cauliflower Wings to our menu and I think it’s something that’s going to extend trial of our sauces beyond our traditional and boneless wings.”

To wrap up the latest menu additions, the culinary team has revamped the salad platform. Cut from a mini head of romaine lettuce, the new Buffalo Wedge salad features blue cheese dressing, crispy bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles and is served with a hand-breaded chicken tender drizzled with medium Buffalo sauce. The improved Chicken Caesar salad includes an upgraded Caesar dressing with more Parmesan notes, shaved parmesan cheese, lemon pepper seasoning, croutons, and savory garlic parmesan-flavored chicken on romaine lettuce. Lastly, the classic Chopped Cobb salad includes a hard-boiled egg, bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, green onions, buffalo seasoning, everything seasoning, diced chicken and ranch dressing on romaine lettuce.

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