Buddy’s Pizza, originator of the Original Detroit-Style Pizza, is celebrating 75 years since creating the innovative pizza style that has been replicated across the U.S. and even internationally. Buddy’s is humbled by the nation’s response to the now fastest-growing pizza segment that the company created 75 years ago but wants to set the record straight about what makes Detroit-Style Pizza authentic.

The elements of an authentic, original Detroit-Style Pizza include:

  • Rectangular blue steel plans, once used in automotive factories to hold small parts, the seasoning of these pans contributes to the flavor profile of the dough
  • Fresh, double-proofed dough hand-stretched to the corners of the pan
  • Margherita pepperoni under cheese (specialty pizzas may have other types of pepperoni on top)
  • Wisconsin brick cheese crumbled, not shredded, and spread edge-to-edge to create the one-of-a-kind crispy and caramelized crust
  • Stripes of tomato sauce ladled on top


“Detroit-Style pizza is more than a trend – it’s a tradition,” says Buddy’s Pizza CEO Burton Heiss. “Michigan families and friends have been forming bonds over Detroit-Style Pizza at Buddy’s since 1946, and we’re thrilled other pizzerias across the country are adding this unique style to their menu.”

As Detroit-Style pizza popularity rapidly grows across the country, so has the demand for the Original. Made possible through a partnership with Goldbelly, fans nationwide can now get their Detroit-Style pizza fix – with a Detroit-Style pizza, straight from the creator. All orders are made in select Buddy’s Pizza locations, created just how it would be prepared in the restaurant, down to the seasoned blue steel pans they’re baked in. 

To celebrate the 75-year milestone of Detroit-Style Pizza, Buddy’s has established June 23 as the official National Detroit-Style Pizza Day. In Detroit, June 23 has been known as Buddy’s Pizza Day, which was recognized by former Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and city council to credit Buddy’s Pizza for putting Detroit on the map and showcasing the city’s innovation. The new national day allows Detroit-Style pizzerias around the nation to celebrate the history, the style and the roots of where it all began.

Buddy’s Pizza opened in 1946 at the corner of Six Mile and Conant in Detroit, previously a speakeasy called Buddy’s Rendezvous. Using a bit of ingenuity and square blue steel pans intended to hold nuts and bolts at local automotive plants, Gus Guerra, along with friend and employee Concietta “Connie” Piccinato, created the first Detroit-Style Pizza – a square-shaped pie that was the first of kind in a world of round pizza.

Since opening its first location in 1946, Buddy’s has expanded to 19 locations throughout Michigan.

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