Bridor, the leader in bringing high quality, European style croissants, pastries and breads to the U.S. foodservice and retail markets, announced the debut of its Simply Baguette and seven other bread products with a variety of taste profiles, shapes and sizes.

The enhanced Simply Baguette features a thin, crispy crust and slightly tangy taste, characteristic of sourdough. In addition to traditional high-quality ingredients, this artisan baguette is made with Bridor’s homemade style “Levain,” a word commonly used in France meaning “sourdough.” The Levain, a proprietary recipe developed by Bridor’s artisan bakers, serves as a starter that helps the dough begin to rise while imparting a distinctive taste. In addition to its unique flavor profile and ingredients, the baguette is ideal for selling individually, or easily sliced into pieces for sandwiches, toast and bread baskets. The demi-baguette is also available, featuring a thin, golden, crispy crust with rounded ends and three distinctive baker cuts.

“At Bridor, we stay ahead of the curve and are passionate about baking, always looking for opportunities to take our baked goods to the next level. Our homemade style Levain is more than an ingredient – it demonstrates our ability to combine traditional European baking expertise with on-trend expectations from our American customers,” says Jackelyn Gemenden, Marketing Manager, Bridor.

In addition to the new Baguette, Bridor announced new additions to its bread line. Based on the popularity of its Bagnat Bread line, which features baked rye & grains and onion & poppy seeds, Bridor introduces a new green olives & chives flavor. A drizzle of olive oil is combined with unique ingredients to produce a tasty bread ideal for sandwiches or on-the-go meals. The Soft Roll Bread, another easy to eat addition to the bread line, is ideal for meal trays and bread baskets.

Bridor is giving added breadth to its ciabatta collection with the introduction of White Ciabatta Artisan Soft and Multigrain Ciabatta Artisan Soft. These ciabattas remain fresh for up to three days in the refrigerator and are good balance between crust and crumb.

All of these new bread products are part of Bridor’s Clean Label Program, which bans the use of over 150 ingredients, including artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, bleached flour, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats. Bridor plans to include as many existing products as possible in its Clean Label portfolio. All new product offerings will comply with the Clean Label program whenever feasible.

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