Bridor, the leader in bringing high quality, authentic European croissants, pastries, savory Bistro items and breads to the U.S. foodservice and retail markets announced the launch of its Ready-to-Bake Croissant made with Echirè butter. Echirè is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) butter from the small village of Echirè, home to some 3,000 people in western France. PDO is a designation given to agricultural products that are defined by the place where they are made. Echirè butter is still churned and made through its original, century’s old production process and features a delicate taste and creamy texture. It contains more butterfat than normal (84 percent compared with 82 percent), and even this small percentage difference has a significant impact on the outcome of baked goods that contain it.

“The world’s elite pastry chefs consider Echirè butter to be the gold standard. We know that discerning U.S. customers, who appreciate the significance of place of origin and artisan production, will see the value in purchasing croissants made with this outstanding ingredient,” says Olivier Morel, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing, Bridor.

Bridor is also introducing a Filled Croissant line in a variety of distinctive flavors and a Mini Friandises or “sweet treat” Mix, an assortment of small baked goods, both of which offer one-of-a-kind new choices for consumers.

Filled Croissants with Decorative Topping

Bridor’s new filled croissants are generously sized at 90g. Their delectable filling comprises 19 percent of the finished product and is distributed throughout the entire croissant for the ultimate indulgence. The croissants come pre-decorated with an appealing, colorful topping, offering simple and quick preparation. The croissants are offered in a delicious apricot with a white sugar topping; sweet raspberry with a pink sugar topping; rich cocoa-hazelnut with a chocolate topping; and creamy confectioner’s custard with a yellow sugar topping.

Mini Friandises Mix

This gourmet offering includes an assortment of petite treats that range in size from 28g to 35g in an array of different shapes. They are pre-decorated and quick and simple to prepare.

Mini Chocolate Twist with a custard filling and chocolate chips for the ultimate chocolate experience

Mini Raspberry Pastry with gourmet raspberry filling and pink sugar topping

Mini Praline Finger Pastry has a rich praline filling and a crushed hazelnut topping

Mini Jèsuite pairs Madagascar vanilla confectioner’s custard with a crispy crème topping

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