After conducting extensive consumer taste and product quality research, Brew City, the craft beer battered fry and appetizer line from McCain Foods, has re-launched its core French fry and onion ring products with improved batters.

The product improvements give the fries and onion rings a more balanced salty, sweet, beer flavor that complements the rest of the plate without overwhelming it. The new batter also offers enhanced crispness for the desirable crunch patrons love according to consumer taste tests.

Every Brew City fry and appetizer is made with 100 percent craft brewed American Pale Ale in the batter—a plus for restaurant operators as craft beer soars in popularity today, growing sales by 20 percent each year and expected to triple between 2014 and 2017.

Alongside the improved batter rollout, Brew City has launched an integrated campaign inviting operators to craft their own legacies.

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