To concentrate traditional Brazilian and Italian regionalized flavors with a little bit of American personality. That's what Pomodori restaurant (, located in Sao Paulo, is known by the highest Brazilian critics.

The cuisine is under the experienced Chef Diogo Silveira, who has traveled across America, Europe, and Asia for five years, searching millenary recipes, hidden in many different regions.

The refined atmosphere serves a selected group of consumers, that requires quality in a good meal. Pomodori's Italian pasta keeps on attracting more and more foreigners, which today corresponds to 30% of the clientele.

According to the chef, the approval of this demanding public is because of the daily and handmade production, with the best ingredients, handled by a specialist.

"Our pasta is prepared twice a day, so, there's no risk of contamination, and our menu is renewed every three months," Silveira says.

Grilled dishes have an unique flavor, once the restaurant is equipped with a special barbecue of eucalyptus wood.

The house has more than 300 labels in its wine cellar; Brunello di Montalcino, 1997, is one of the most appreciated.

To show how Pomodori is really ready to surprise American's taste, Diogo Silveira highlights some of the most classic dishes of the menu, that correspond to the big gastronomic centres: San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, always taking into account the search for traditional and delicious food.

Combining pasta with fresh seafood, Silveira prepares for Californian people capellini with shrimps, Sicilian lemons, and organic arugula sprouts (R$ 69).

For the New Yorkers, he produces integral pici with wild mushrooms lightly smoked in the eucalyptus firewood (R$ 44).

For the ones who live in the mid-west of the USA, where is Chicago, he gives two options: egg ravioli with rustic sauce of foie gras and truffles Nero d'Alba (R$ 35) or double ravioli with apple sauce and creamy gorgonzola (R$ 40). And for dessert, Fresh coconut foam with milky and cinnamon cream (R$ 18).

Besides the good meal, if the client don't have time to waste – but still wants classic and tasty dishes – the house offers an executive menu, composed by two starters, four main dishes and two desserts, for the price of R$ 49.

Also, there are 14 options of imported cheese, accompanied of creamy mustard, apple jam and handmade bread, for R$ 59. The most refined cheeses are the Portuguese Serra da Estrela, the French one Roquefort Societe and the Italian ones, Fontina D.O.P and Pecorino Al Tartufo, and the Spanish Manchego.

Located in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Sao Paulo – Itaim Bibi – the restaurant has 64 places. The fine tableware was designed by the renowned artist Hideko Honma and the menu was drawed by the artist Gustavo Rosa.


2004 – First Star, Guia 4 Rodas;
2007 – Third Star, Josimar Melo guide;
2007 – Three Stars, Josimar Melo guide;'
2009 – Paladar Prize – Pork meat;
2010 – Paladar Prize – Pasta category;
2010 – Paladar Prize – Rabada;
2011 – Josimar Melo.

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