Bottleneck Management unveiled Bottlenectar, made in collaboration with Goose Island, the first partnership of its kind for both companies. Available only at Bottleneck locations, (The Boundary, South Branch, Sweetwater Tavern and Grille, Old Town Pour House Chicago, Oak Brook, and Naperville; and Howells & Hood) the new sessionable pale ale pours on July 22 at Chicagoland locations. Date yet to be confirmed for Old Town Pour House, Gaithersburg and City Works, Minneapolis.

“We’ve always wanted to offer something unique to our guests, something that could only be found at our restaurants,” says Bottleneck Co-Founder Nate Hilding. “We wanted to brew beer, but we’re not brewers. So we left this to the experts at Goose Island and they knocked it out of the park. We can’t wait to share it with our guests.”

Bottlenectar is a light-bodied 5.5 percent ABV pale ale with a crisp balance of bitterness that showcases the unique Huell Melon hops that are present in the beer. The Huell Melon hops are used two times in making this beer, once in the kettle when brewing and again for dry hopping this beer, giving Bottlenectar a sweet melon aroma.

Goose Island’s Brewmaster Jared Jankoski describes it as, “not a weird or wild beer, I think it’s very approachable. It’s for people who are looking for something that’s easy to drink, that’s unique, whether they’re an experienced craft beer drinker or someone who’s just wondering what’s new and different. I am all about making beers that people want to drink two, three, four or more. I think that’s every brewer’s goal.”

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