Bonta Hydration, the world’s first bottled water infused with the vital antioxidants and phytonutrients of the Mediterranean Diet, among the healthiest diets in the world, will make its official debut at Expo West in Anaheim, California, March 9—11 at Booth M216.

Italian for “goodness,” Bonta is an innovative, all natural, low calorie beverages that represents an exciting new category of functional beverages. The Bonta line will be available in four flavors, with each tied to an important wellness area: Inflammation (Blood Orange), Longevity (Cherry), Immunity (Blueberry), and Radiance (Lemon Ginger).

Bonta Inflammation blend includes antioxidants and polyphenols from blood oranges, pomegranates, and turmeric—one of the leading herbs recommended by researchers and scientists for reducing inflammation and fighting disease.

Bonta Longevity blend includes antioxidants and polyphenols from cherries and grape seed extract plus more lycopene than 32 tomatoes. These ingredients combined with elderflower extract make up a powerful antioxidant blend that protects the body from oxidative stress.

Bonta Immunity blend includes antioxidants and polyphenols from blueberries, pomegranates, and olive fruit. With more vitamin C than 6 pomegranates, this blend helps reduce stress and strengthen your immune system. Bonta’s Immunity blend also provides consumers with high amounts of vitamins C, E, B3, B6, and B5.

Bonta Radiance blend includes vital antioxidants and polyphenols from lemon, ginger, and chamomile. Combined with the powerful ingredients beta carotene, white tea extract, and marigold extract, Bonta Radiance blend helps skin and nails look and feel beautiful.

Ranked in 2017 by US News & World Report as one of the top two best diets for overall health and healthy eating, the Mediterranean diet has long been touted by scientists and researchers as the best diet to follow for heart health and the prevention of major chronic diseases. The traditional Mediterranean diet calls for high consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, olive oil, and fish with low consumptions of red meat, alcohol, and processed foods. Bonta Hydration takes the best parts of the diet and infuses it into four delicious, refreshing all natural beverages, with 80% of the ingredients sourced directly from the Mediterranean.  At 30-35 calories per 16.9 oz bottle, 2g of cane sugar, and no artificial ingredients, drinking Bonta is a choice consumers can feel good about.

“In the past years, I had become increasingly aware of the power of food and that it really made the difference between wellness and illness,” says Royce Pinkwater, founder, CEO, and lifelong foodie.  “I consciously ate according to the Mediterranean Diet, which I had first discovered in Italy many years ago. It was the most delicious way to eat and kept my weight and overall great health just where I wanted them to be. The Bonta research team discovered that, although the Mediterranean diet is widely acknowledged to be the healthiest way to eat, there is no beverage to date that is based on its very healthy nutrients.  We saw an opportunity to bring a very special product to market and, with the help of the top food and beverage laboratory in the U.S., created Bonta. We are very excited that Bonta is the groundbreaking, innovative beverage that delivers the results we hoped for.”

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