Boissiere Vermouth is proud to announce the launch of new packaging in all major U.S. markets. The updated look, designed by Elena Vorontsova of Palm Bay International, retains original design elements with a modern twist. The Savoy Kingdom crest on the face of the bottle represents the bi-cultural heritage of Boissiere Vermouth’s French and Italian roots. The taglines of “Perfect Recipe,” “Perfect Sweet,” and “Perfect Dry,” remain to emphasize the closely guarded recipe by the signature angelic cherubs who appear on every bottle.

Today’s market is ideal for vermouth, including classic cocktails at a speakeasy or low-abv vermouth cocktails at a restaurant licensed only for wine and beer. Overall, more consumers are connecting with the category as on-premise accounts continue to build cocktail programs around vermouth. The back label leads with tasting notes, serving suggestions, and a map to highlight the brand’s important geographical history. The bottles have soft feminine lines with a high shouldered dark glass to showcase the premium vermouth.

“Over the years, Boissiere Vermouth has garnered a dedicated following,” says Marcy Whitman, senior vice president Marketing of Palm Bay International. “While we felt the package would benefit from an update, we wanted to maintain a respect for the history and heritage behind the brand that loyal users know and love.”

Boissiere Vermouth’s heritage is both French and Italian, taking root on both sides of Mount Blanc. With a nearly 150-year-old recipe, Boissiere Vermouth was originally produced in 1857 in France’s Chambrey Region until moving in 1971 to the southern side of Mont Blanc, to the Italian town of Turin. The proprietary blend of wine based distillate infused with select herbs and florals has been a closely guarded secret and today, the recipes in both the Extra Dry and Sweet Vermouths remains the same.

With an emphasis on its mixability, today’s market is ideal for vermouth as the trend of classic and low-abv drinks continues to across the country. While the Boissiere bottle has evolved, the vermouth remains unchanged. At 18% ABV, Boissire is essential ingredient in countless classic cocktail recipes, including martinis, apertifs, upscale French cuisine, or simply neat or over ice with a slice of citrus.

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