On Friday, Bob Evans Restaurants launched the 2016 Sausage Selection Election in a bid to answer the age-old question, “sausage patties or links?” Americans spend more than $500 million on breakfast sausage each year so Bob Evans wants to know which “side” they really prefer.

As the divisive battle for The White House dominates the headlines this fall, the Bob Evans Sausage Selection aims to relieve campaign fatigue with a fictitious battle for the breakfast plate. The online poll asks the public to side with either the “Patties for the People” or “Links for Liberty” party and make their opinion heard. Consumers who visit the website will be introduced to the candidates and can cast their vote to receive a special offer for participating, a free side of breakfast sausage at any Bob Evans Restaurant from the opposing party to encourage discourse and understanding between the parties. With restaurant locations in 18 states and grocery products available nationwide, Bob Evans Farms remains a neutral party in the race for the most savory side.

At the end of the month-long campaign, one sausage will be declared America’s favorite, including a state-by-state breakdown mirroring the traditional Electoral College, but, with free sausage offered for all who participate in the side showdown, everyone wins.

“Bob Evans loved sausage, both links and patties, and that is part of our company today,” says John Fisher, president of Bob Evans Restaurants. “We know that, no matter who wins the Sausage Selection Election, our guests are the real winners because Bob Evans sausage, be it links or patties, is the best quality, tastiest sausage out there.”

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