Is there ever a bad time for brunch? The answer, of course, is no. Brunch is a meal to be enjoyed and savored by everyone; anytime, anywhere. Bob Evans Restaurants, the breakfast expert and Market Force’s Best Breakfast Chain for the second year in a row, announced the launch of a new all day, every day brunch menu at all 523 locations.

Brunch used to be a more formal affair reserved for the weekends but, today, brunch has become an American tradition, a time to eat comforting food and connect with loved ones. Brunch can be enjoyed any time of day, anywhere. Bob Evans Restaurants is freeing brunch from the constraints of time and place, from the formal settings of the past and making it accessible to all.

“Brunch is a perfect marriage of what Bob Evans does best: breakfast and lunch,” says John Fisher, president of Bob Evans Restaurants. “With our introduction of brunch, we are combining our amazing breakfast expertise with the innovative taste offerings that are at the heart of the Bob Evans menu.”

That’s why Bob Evans and Lizzie Post, from The Emily Post Institute, have teamed up to create Guidelines for the new Brunch. The Emily Post Institute was founded by American etiquette and manners expert Emily Post more than half a century ago and is still acknowledged as the premier authority on polite manners, a sensitive awareness to the feelings of others. Lizzie Post is an expert in taking traditional etiquette and applying it to today’s society.

“People can make brunch fancy if they wish, but brunch was always intended as a casual meal where friends and family can relax and connect,” says Lizzie Post, spokesperson of The Emily Post Institute. “The etiquette around brunch has always been to make guests feel comfortable and at ease.”

Below are the guidelines for the new Brunch:

Brunch … not just for weekends

Why let weekends have all the fun? Today, individuals don’t have to just eat brunch at traditional times.

Casual is cool

The days of formal brunch are over. Cloth napkins are not required. All that is needed is some delicious sweet/savory dishes and the company of friends and family.

All about connecting with family and friends

Brunch can actually make individuals happier. According to the University of California Berkeley, a feeling of belonging and strong social connectedness is the single most consistent factor associated with happiness.

It’s OK to share

Brunch is a time to indulge and the more options, the better. While spending time catching up with family and friends, individuals can also connect over the food by sharing a bunch of different dishes so they don’t have to stick with either sweet or savory; they can have both.

Alcohol is not a necessity

The popularity of brunch in the U.S. really began during Prohibition as an excuse by the upper classes to covertly drink alcohol. However, as time passed, the tie between alcohol and brunch has weakened thanks to the amazing food that has become the center of the meal. Today, guests can indulge in food without needing to add alcohol to the mix.

Bob Evans Restaurants is introducing a new brunch menu, including:

  • Candied Bacon: A classic hardwood-smoked bacon with brown sugar in Bob Evans secret recipe. Sweet, smoky and definitely shareable.
  • Chicken and Waffles: Homestyle fried chicken tenders and a fluffy waffle, made extra special by the praline sauce and bacon bits over the top.
  • Sticky Bun Bake: The flavor of a sticky bun in a French toast bake. With rich Brioche bread and candied pecans, topped with praline sauce and cream cheese icing. Served with fresh cut fruit and choice of breakfast meat.
  • Ham Biscuit Benedict: The Bob Evans twist on a classic: a freshly-baked biscuit split and topped with hickory-smoked ham, two eggs cooked-to-order, hollandaise sauce and scallions. Served with a spinach side salad with Green Goddess dressing and choice of hash browns or home fries.
  • Pot Roast Hash: A hearty way to start the day: slow-roasted pot roast with home fries and cheese and crowned with two eggs cooked-to-order and a choice of freshly-baked bread.
  • The Green Goddess Salad: Fresh romaine and spinach tossed with hardwood-smoked bacon, hardboiled egg, cucumbers and grilled chicken. Served with signature Green Goddess dressing and a choice of freshly baked bread.
  • Bob Evans Burger: The perfect burger for brunch. 100 percent Black Angus bacon cheeseburger topped with a fried egg and Sriracha-avocado mayo and served with French fries.
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