Northern Virginia-based Bob & Edith’s Diner is seeking out franchisees to accelerate its growth in Washington, D.C., and the surrounding area.

The concept’s business model is ideally suited to the D.C. real estate market, which has a large volume of units that can be easily converted at a relatively low cost to generate high sales. The brand has already identified several sites in prime locations, which are now available for a fraction of their pre-pandemic cost.

“Bob & Edith’s Diner is the perfect concept for expansion in the D.C. Metro area,” says Kelly Silverman of CBRE Retail. “Landlords in the area know the brand and recognize its potential to make their vacant locations thrive.”

A D.C. institution beloved by politicos and locals alike, family-owned Bob & Edith’s has weathered many storms over the past 50 years. COVID-19 presented unique challenges, but quick pivots and a new digital strategy enabled the third-generation business to not only sustain their operations, but to open a new location in Arlington.

“We feel lucky to have the customer support we have, and we can’t think of a better use of our profits than by reinvesting into more Bob & Edith’s Diners,” says Greg Bolton, owner of Bob & Edith’s Diner. “We want to keep opening as many as we can and have strong franchise partners as we grow nationally.”

Bob & Edith’s appeal is its no-frill atmosphere designed to exceed customer expectations at every turn. Customers love Bob & Edith’s Diner not only for the delicious, made-fresh food, but for the community and sense of belonging that the establishment provides at each location. Regulars do not visit just for coffee and pie – they want to spend time at the diner, chat with the friendly wait staff, read the paper or sit at the counter and watch how the food is made.

“Comfort food may be king in the era of COVID-19, but with more than 2.2 million eggs served, 1.2 million cups of coffee brewed and 23,000 meals capped off with pie, the owners of Bob & Edith’s will tell you that it never went out of style,” says Dan Rowe, CEO of Bob & Edith’s franchising partner, Fransmart.

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