Boardroom Spirits, an award-winning innovative craft distillery, announced a recent and exciting venture with Chef Robert Irvine and Robert Irvine Foods.  Through the relationship, Boardroom Spirits is expanding its distribution footprint to Las Vegas as one of the featured brands at the newly-opened 9,000 square foot Robert Irvine’s Public House restaurant located in the Tropicana Las Vegas that offers a range of comfort food options inspired by his culinary travels from around the world. The distillery will provide Robert Irvine’s Public House with its award-winning vodka, gin, and the FRESH line into delicious, fresh and fit cocktails including the Cranberry Caipiroska and Beet Down ($12) both of which taste great and pack a punch without being sugar-laced calorie bombs.

Boardroom Spirits is known for their innovation in their line-up of products, which include vegetable-based eaux de vies B (100 percent beet spirit) and C (100 percent carrot spirit) and a line of FRESH infused vodkas that eschew traditional practices of adding chemically created flavors and sweeteners by using real foods to color and flavor their FRESH Cranberry, Citrus, and Ginger vodkas. Their mission—to produce quality, superior and ultimately healthier products through a painstaking and unique distilling process—is in direct alignment with Robert Irvine and Robert Irvine Foods which is to create “better for you” versions of some of his popular recipes so consumers can enjoy tasty, healthy gourmet cooking conveniently at home.

“Once I was introduced to Boardroom Spirits’ products and the founders at a charity event in Philly last year, I knew this alliance was a genuine and natural fit,” says Chef Robert Irvine, celebrity chef and namesake of Robert Irvine’s Public House at Tropicana Las Vegas. “Their spirits are top-notch and I am inspired by their entrepreneurism and commitment to creating clean, natural products made from real foods with no added sugars, dyes, or artificial flavors.”

“This is a huge opportunity for us that we don’t take lightly,” says Marat Mamedov, founder, Boardroom Spirits. “We carefully considered all aspects of working with Robert and we’re pleased and proud to work with him as he helps us showcase the benefits of making healthier, better-for-you lifestyle choices.” 

Headquartered in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Boardroom Spirits is a sustainable, family-owned craft-distillery offering unique drinking experiences to consumers. Its line of locally sourced, precision crafted, small batch, premium libations offer rich, smooth, refined, and delicious tasting results at industry competitive prices. Thinking big and producing small enables them to collaboratively innovate and experiment while dedicating themselves to the education of the overall distilling process and immersing themselves in the community and marketplace in which they are established. Members of the American Distilling Institute, Boardroom Spirits offers tours, tastings, and bottling parties and promotes responsible drinking habits.

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