Boardroom Spirits, an award-winning innovative announced the launch of FRESH Ginger, the latest addition to its line of naturally infused vodkas. FRESH Ginger’s aroma, color, and flavor is entirely derived from the natural ginger root, without artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or food coloring. Sold in Boardroom Spirits’ Lansdale, PA distillery and nationally through Ezra’s, the ginger-infused vodka is available for $27. Found throughout Philadelphia area bars and restaurants like Aldine, St. Benjamin Brewing Company, Conshohocken Brewery Bridgeport Brewpub, and The StoneRose, FRESH Ginger is spicing up the cocktail landscape.

FRESH Ginger is created through infusing Boardroom Spirits’ Double Gold Medal winning, non-GMO corn based Boardroom Vodka with real ginger root. The ginger infusion offers consumers a naturally sweet, spicy, and savory ginger flavor that has subtle hints of vanilla that intensify with each sip, providing a smooth finish of long ginger persistence that leaves the palate dry. The product radiates a peppery, fresh cut ginger aroma.

FRESH Ginger is bottled at 50 percent ABV (100 Proof) and adds a spicy kick to traditional vodka cocktails. FRESH Ginger is creating the new standard for the iconic copper mug Moscow Mule by providing a low-calorie, low-sugar, and low-carb alternative to ginger beer, the artificially sweetened ingredient commonly found in the quintessential cocktail. This new version of the Moscow Mule offers consumers an alternative cocktail that replaces sugary flavor gimmicks with actual ginger infused vodka, a squeeze of lime, simple syrup and club soda for a more refreshing, natural taste and half the calories. FRESH Ginger is also enjoyable on the rocks or diluted with sparkling water to enjoy the full ginger flavor.

FRESH Ginger is third in the existing line of Boardroom Spirits’ FRESH vodkas which currently include FRESH Cranberry, a gluten-free, organic sugarcane vodka infused and distilled with unsweetened raw cranberries and FRESH Citrus; an organic wheat-based vodka infused with a combination of genuine orange, lemon, and lime peel and zest. All FRESH products clearly list the ingredients used on the labels, a very rare sight in the spirits industry. This, along with using clear bottles and translucent labeling, is a deliberate decision to showcase the clarity and purity of Boardroom Spirits’ products as a nod to their overall mission to be completely transparent about their process and ingredients used.

“We’re excited to expand our base of infused vodkas from FRESH Citrus and FRESH Cranberry to a more refined flavor like ginger,” says Marat Mamedov, founder, Boardroom Spirits. “Warm weather cocktails, like Moscow Mules, will be even more in demand with a dynamic product like FRESH Ginger now in the mix to improve flavors and heighten quality.”

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