Boardroom Spirits, an award-winning regional artisanal distillery, announced the launch of B, a 90 proof, one-of-a kind vegetable brandy (or eau de vie) the distilling market in North America has yet to see. 

Like all the Boardroom Spirits portfolio of products, B is gluten-free and contains no artificial flavors, colors, added sugars, or preservatives. Sold in their Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Distillery for $29.99 and found on the inventive cocktail lists of local Philadelphia restaurants including Martha and Harvest, the 375 ML bottle is distilled from 100 percent natural beets creating an earthy, bold bouquet and a distinct flavor profile. Although beets have high sugar content, it is lower than most fruits so it takes 16 pounds of beets to ferment, distill, and bottle one precious liter of B. 

B is the result of creative chemistry combined with the distilling heritage, technology, experience, and overall ingenuity of Boardroom’s Armenian and Hungarian founders. Invented in the Middle Ages, Pálinka is a traditional fruit brandy regulated by European Union law in Hungary, which to this day, allows home distilling.  Boardroom Spirits took that passion and tradition, added state-of-the-art equipment and technologically savvy processes to ensure quality control, and utilized the resources of the area to locally source and create something completely unique.

Packaged in a perfectly clear bottle depicting the white letter ‘B’ against a transparent purple backdrop, B is the first of many specialty spirits in this distinct line. The packaging highlights the letters of the vegetable or fruit of origin with a corresponding color (A = Apple, C = Carrot) as a nod to the periodic table of elements. The thoughtful packaging is two-fold: to show the product is as transparent as the distillery is about its processes and ingredients; and to showcase the chemistry behind distilling in a visually celebratory way.

“Bringing this new product to market is a logical evolution for our quickly growing brand,” says Marat Mamedov, founder, Boardroom Spirits. ‘B’ incorporates everything we believe in as passionate distillers—transparency, boundless creativity, historical tradition, and premium quality.”

The diversity of this new product is limitless making it exciting to bars, restaurants, or beet aficionados. As an aperitif or digestif, it is recommended that B be savored neat, in a tulip shaped glass at room temperature in order to fully appreciate its vegetal nuances and fragrant aromas. In the kitchen, chefs have been creating sauces, marinades, syrups, and macerating fruits with B to amp up the natural flavors in their original recipes. Behind the bar, bartenders are getting creative as B provides the perfect canvas for mixers and marries nicely with vodka, gin, or tequila.

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