Bluedot, which provides location technology to power high-value interactions between brands and their customers, today expanded its location technology suite with two new product advancements to help brands meet increased demand for faster speed of service and deliver a more personalized customer experience at stores and restaurants. Hello Screens provides a fast and intuitive in-store dashboard that alerts staff of a customer’s approach and arrival while Wave allows customers to notify stores that they’ve arrived with a single tap.

Shorter wait times and personalized service are fast becoming imperative for brands. Consumers’ willingness to wait has shrunk dramatically from 10 minutes to six minutes in just six months according to a recent study conducted by Bluedot. More than half of the consumers surveyed (55%) expected to be automatically checked-in with a restaurant app and for staff to be notified to bring items to their car. Yet only 25% claimed to receive this level of service.

Bluedot’s Wave and Hello Screens empower brands to meet evolving consumer demands head-on by delivering a personalized customer experience and reducing overall wait times. Hello Screens alerts stores when a customer is en route as well as their estimated time of arrival (ETA) with audio alerts and updates. This enables staff to have orders ready promptly, greet customers by name, and mark orders done when the hand-off is complete. Hello Screens work seamlessly alongside a store’s point of sale (POS) system.

With Wave, customers simply tap once to ‘Wave’ to staff that they are on-site and ready to pick up their order. The universal arrival notification easily embeds into a mobile app, SMS text, or an email with just a few lines of code and serves as an API endpoint that connects to any existing screen including Hello Screens. The customer experience is frictionless because location permissions are not required.

Wave and Hello Screens are easy to integrate into any technology stack and can be fully operational instantly which differentiates the solutions from others on the market. The solutions require no additional training for staff. For complete curbside coverage, Hello Screens can be implemented with Tempo, the predictive time-based arrival technology Bluedot launched last year.

“Consumers are coming to expect fast, hassle-free and personalized experiences the moment they pull into a curbside space, walk into a store or enter the drive-thru. There’s a massive market opportunity for brands that can address the growing demand,” says Emil Davityan, Bluedot co-founder and CEO. “Wave and Hello Screens along with Tempo offer a turnkey solution that’s simple to implement so brands can deliver the first-class service consumers demand. Curbside is fully covered – whether your customer is in your app, on web or email, via text, and more.”

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