Blue Star Foods Corp., an integrated Environmental, Social, and Governance sustainable seafood company with a focus on Recirculatory Aquaculture Systems, announced it has entered into a new $1 million supply agreement with Bloomin’ Brands.

The new contract started distribution in April and will run through the remainder of 2023. Blue Star started to deliver approximately 115,000 pounds of pasteurized crab meat (valued at around $1 million) to Bloomin’ Brands for its Outback Steakhouse crab related menu such as Crab-Topped Barramundi.

John Keeler, Chairman and CEO of Blue Star Foods, comments, “We are very excited to enter into this new relationship with Bloomin’ Brands for its Outback Steakhouse locations. Our crab meat enabled them to launch new & existing menu items. We feel confident with our outstanding quality & service, that there is an opportunity to expand further with Bloomin’ Brands and its other wonderful restaurant concepts and menus.”

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