Madison Holdings, owner of six Blue C Sushi restaurants and three Boom locations, all in the greater Seattle, Washington area, announced the appointment of Jeffrey Lunak as vice president, culinary. With an elite pedigree, Lunak has kept his knives in highly acclaimed eateries across the country. 

“We are very excited to bring Jeffrey Lunak on board to head our culinary program,” says Dick Dalton, president of Madison Holdings. “Since joining the company in October, I’ve looked for opportunities to improve and expand upon our brand, and Lunak will be a key contributor in our continued growth.”

In addition to the company’s nine restaurants in Seattle, Dalton is pursuing opportunities for expansion into the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles.  

 For Blue C Sushi and Boom, Lunak will lend an element of cutting edge and thoughtful flavors in developing new offerings for the innovative and healthy Japanese-inspired menus. He will work to upgrade existing items with respect to quality and plate presentation, and to improve every aspect of food operations. In addition, he will be responsible for the training and continuing education of chefs.

 “The team behind Blue C Sushi and Boom has a very dynamic and creative approach to conceptual development,” Lunak says. “This partnership will help to redefine the sushi experience in America.”

 Lunak brings more than 15 years of experience to his role as vice president, culinary. He has held positions at some of the country’s most reputable restaurants and hotels, including Mandarin Oriental Washington D.C., La Quinta Resort and Club (a Waldorf Astoria Collection property), and most notably, as corporate chef for “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto.

Lunak was the chef de cuisine at Morimoto’s first restaurant in Philadelphia, as well as the executive chef for the highly regarded Morimoto Napa, where he earned three stars from Michael Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle, and “Best New Restaurant” from Food & Wine.

Lunak also appeared on the last two seasons of “Iron Chef America,” as well as “United Tastes of America” with Jeffrey Saad. Chef Morimoto enlisted Lunak and his team to open Morimoto Waikiki and Mexico City, as well as coordinate menu development and training of all new chefs in its Napa outpost.

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