After serving as executive chef and owner of Bloomsbury Bistro since 1995, John Toler is taking a pause from working in the food industry. With the coming transition, Bloomsbury Bistro is excited to announce that longtime friends of Toler, Stephen and Anne Stuart Koster, will be taking over ownership. The Kosters will begin their new role as owners of Bloomsbury Bistro and open to the public tonight, Friday, October 9, 2020.

Under this new leadership, the Kosters hope to honor what Toler built at Bloomsbury Bistro while bringing some of their own original concepts to the restaurant. Bloomsbury Bistro’s welcoming atmosphere and consistently delicious, innovative menus will continue to be a focus of the restaurant. The Kosters plan to keep locals and regulars happy by featuring Toler’s beloved favorite dishes while furthering his signature cooking style. The Kosters and Toler have been tirelessly going through past Bloomsbury Bistro menus—dating as far back as ‘95, when the restaurant first opened—to get ideas of previous dishes the Kosters could bring back to the current menu.

When asked about the transition, Toler says, “After spending a large majority of my life at Bloomsbury Bistro, I would never leave it to just anyone. I’ve known Stephen and Anne Stuart for such a long time and they’re the perfect pair for this transition and keeping alive our motto, ‘Everything you love about fine dining, without the hype.’”

The Kosters are excited to step up as owners and Bloomsbury Bistro holds a special place in their hearts; Anne Stuart celebrated her 21st birthday party at the restaurant and the couple even had their wedding rehearsal dinner at Bloomsbury Bistro. Koster states, “We plan to hold on to what everyone loves about Bloomsbury Bistro, including a lot of the beloved staff. We’ll bring back some of John’s greatest hits, and introduce some new menu items as well.”

The new leadership of the restaurant will debut extended restaurant hours and launch a brunch service on Sundays in the very near future. Opening night is scheduled for tonight, Friday, October 9, 2020. Patrons are encouraged to call (919) 834-9011 for reservations.  Bloomsbury Bistro will be open from 5:00pm to 10:00pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

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