Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant and Bar is set to open two new corporate stores in Missouri in the early summer of 2024 in Neosho and Lebanon, both located in the southwest area of the state.

In October of 2023, Big Whiskey’s opened in Poplar Bluff, Missouri which led to record-breaking sales per capita. Within a week of its grand opening, the store generated over $100,000 in sales. The success that Big Whiskey’s has seen in small communities is a testament not only to its celebrated bar and best-in-class food but also to its commitment to integrating within each community.

Big Whiskey’s owners Paul Sundy and Austin Herschend believe that the success in Poplar Bluff is only the beginning of the franchise’s growth. The two new stores will be in similar-sized towns, Neosho and Lebanon, and they expect similar success.  

Lebanon, a town of about 15,000, is also located in southwest Missouri, just an hour north of Big Whiskey’s flagship store in Springfield, MO. It will become a cornerstone of the community.

“Neosho and Lebanon are growing and developing communities. We love being in cities like this where we get to be a part of all of the celebrated moments of life, whether it is catching the big game or celebrating a little league win; we aim to be the place where life happens,” says Big Whiskey’s co-owner, Paul Sundy.

Neosho is located in the southwest corner of Missouri, and is home to about 13,000 people. The city is growing and developing and is the perfect location for a landmark establishment like Big Whiskey’s, which will be part of a new strip mall development, Blue Oak Plaza.  

“We are so excited about Big Whiskey’s coming to Neosho,” says Kaleb Sampson, Owner, Blue Oak Plaza. “The very first time I dined at Big Whiskey’s, I knew this restaurant would be a perfect fit for our town. The taste and variety of food as well as the atmosphere is top notch! It’s casual enough for a business lunch with co-workers, but also nice enough to take your partner on a dinner date…We have exciting news that we will be able to share in the future about the vacant land on the east and west sides of the strip mall as well.”

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