Betco Corporation announced the launch of Green Earth Devour Drain Gel.  Green Earth Devour Drain Gel is uniquely formulated for naturally maintaining drains and odors typically found in food service applications as well as other commercial areas. The thickened gel formula clings to vertical surfaces providing better contact time than thin formulas. The pH neutral formula is safe for use on all drain pipe materials and fittings. Devour Drain Gel's proprietary blend of natural microbes work together to digest odor-causing bacteria in drains. With an easy to use applicator lid, the gel coats the pipes to prevent buildup as well as freshen and deodorize.

Ken Sensel, product manager – General Cleaning/CMS & Healthcare, explains the importance of drain maintenance. "Here at Betco Corporation, Cleaning Innovations That Matter is more than just a tagline; it is the way we develop new products. The new Green Earth Devour Drain Gel formula exemplifies the need to assist in reducing odors at the source with natural microbes that Devour odor causing bacteria."



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