BentoBox, a hospitality platform that empowers restaurants to own their presence, profits and relationships, today announced the launch of two new products, Repeat Rewards and Automated Marketing Campaigns, to help restaurants drive their own demand and build direct-to-diner relationships. As restaurants look to build digital customer experiences and bypass third-party marketplace commission fees, BentoBox’s new eCommerce solutions give them the tools to retain loyal customers and drive high-margin revenue. Repeat Rewards and Automated Marketing Campaigns will be available to BentoBox eCommerce customers at no additional cost.

“With the popularity of online marketplaces, it is essential for restaurants to have tools that enable them to drive their own demand and build direct diner relationships,” says Krystle Mobayeni, Co-Founder and CEO of BentoBox. “We want to help restaurants become smart marketers. We are proud to add Repeat Rewards and Automated Marketing Campaigns to our eCommerce offering to help them do just that.”

Repeat Rewards is a free diner loyalty program designed to help restaurants drive repeat orders at no operational or marketing cost. In just minutes, restaurants can create personalized loyalty programs, tailored to their brand, that incentivize their most committed online customers. There is no burdensome signup process as Repeat Rewards enrolls every diner at checkout with just their email address. Rewards are able to be earned and redeemed across all eCommerce products and guests are incentivized to reach new milestones. The product is a fast, convenient tool for driving brand affinity and customer retention.

Alongside the rewards program, BentoBox launched an Automated Marketing Campaigns feature, aimed at cultivating stronger guest relationships through built-in, free email marketing automation. Without any prior training, the product enables restaurants to set up customizable email marketing campaigns in less than three minutes. In order to drive repeated orders, diners’ emails are captured automatically, allowing branded emails with flexible offers, such as promo codes, or emails when a diner hasn’t returned after a while. Asheville, North Carolina’s Gan Shan West incorporated Automated Marketing Campaigns at the end of 2020 to drive over $26,000 in additional revenue since – without incurring any added cost to the business. Through this increased brand visibility, restaurants can employ the automated marketing campaigns to build and enhance direct relationships with their diners and drive repeat orders.

BentoBox products are designed to elevate every interaction between restaurants and their guests. Repeat Rewards and Automated Marketing Campaigns add another layer of value to BentoBox customers; these features add personalized touch points throughout the diner journey.

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