AudioEye, Inc., a leading and trusted provider of digital accessibility solutions for individuals with disabilities, has announced a new partnership with BentoBox, a hospitality platform that empowers restaurants to own their presence, profits and relationships, directly through their website. This marks AudioEye’s first and only partnership specifically for restaurant websites.

BentoBox supports 5,000-plus restaurants and their websites worldwide with a certified accessible platform. With this partnership, BentoBox customers will now have the option to include AudioEye Managed as part of their website. AudioEye’s comprehensive digital Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility solution delivers automated Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance coupled with manual fixes made by a team of digital accessibility experts. Together with AudioEye, BentoBox will provide restaurants with tailor-made websites that have been certified to meet the most up-to-date accessibility guidelines.

“At BentoBox, accessibility is at the forefront of our platform, and we are proud to expand our offerings with AudioEye,” says BentoBox COO, Brian Cotlove. “Unlike competitors, AudioEye Managed provides a robust accessibility solution with 24/7 website monitoring, manual and automatic fixes, and website certification. With AudioEye, we’ll be giving restaurant owners and operators immeasurable peace of mind, protecting their business and serving all their customers equally.”

AudioEye president, co-founder and chief strategy officer Sean Bradley adds, “We’re incredibly proud to bring AudioEye’s industry-leading digital accessibility solution to Bentobox and its customers. BentoBox’s proactive approach to digital accessibility represents a gold standard for the restaurant industry. As the number of web accessibility-related lawsuits is increasing at an accelerated rate, we can offer BentoBox customers a solution that is out in front of the issue, ensuring an optimal and unimpeded user experience for all.”

With this partnership, restaurants significantly mitigate their risk of a costly web accessibility-related lawsuit, similar to the one filed against Domino’s. Through automation and a dedicated team of experts, AudioEye continuously identifies and fixes more than a billion digital accessibility errors a day. AudioEye also provides BentoBox customers with the AudioEye Toolbar for their website, which includes additional tools allowing visitors of all abilities to customize their site experience. Together, AudioEye and BentoBox are giving restaurants the premier web accessibility solution for the hospitality industry.

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