Benihana and RA Sushi Florida Restaurants will donate ten percent of revenues for Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22 to aid relief efforts for Bahamians recovering from Hurricane Dorian. These proceeds will benefit the people of the Bahamas through the Bahamas Red Cross Society.

“As a company, we are fully committed to our community. As such, Benihana and RA Sushi will help our neighbors in the Bahamas recover and gain strength in the wake of Hurricane Dorian’s devastation,” says Benihana chief executive officer and president, Tom Baldwin. “We hope the funds raised with the help of our Benihana and RA Sushi guests, fans and families will help rebuild their beautiful country.”

Bahamas Red Cross Society is dedicated to mobilizing and deploying resources assisting those responding to and recovering from Hurricane Dorian. 

“Hurricane Dorian has caused catastrophic damages to the island of Abaco, its Cays and Grand Bahama. The needs are great and Benihana and RA Sushi’s support of this effort will go a long way to assist in the restoration efforts,” says Terez Curry, president, Bahamas Red Cross Society. “We are in the process of our relief efforts to satisfy the urgent needs of those displaced with food, water and clothing. The Bahamas Red Cross Society is here to help before, during and after the storm and with this generous donation we will be able to meet our mandate.”

“We chose to work with the Bahamas Red Cross Society because their core mission is to ‘prevent and alleviate suffering wherever it may be found’,” says Baldwin. “This becomes especially poignant during times of devastation. We hope our efforts will have a meaningful impact in helping the Red Cross and the people of the Bahamas restore their country to its natural beauty.” 

All Benihana and RA Sushi restaurants in Benihana’s home state of Florida will be participating.

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