Craft distillery, Bendistillery is releasing two new spirits this fall—Crater Lake Northwest Berry Vodka and Black Butte Whiskey.

Crater Lake Northwest Berry Vodka will be released seasonally. Made with the classic Crater Lake Vodka, this gluten-free spirit is infused with a seasonal blend of berries sourced from small farms across the Northwest region of the United States. Made with no artificial sweeteners or flavors, Crater Lake Northwest Berry Vodka is rich and balanced with flavor.

Black Butte Whiskey is the first release of an ongoing collaboration between Bendistillery and Deschutes Brewery. This 94 proof American malt whiskey is aged for three years in #4 char American oak barrels. The whiskey has rich toffee overtones with a soft, slightly mineral finish. That finish comes from the water sourced directly from Bend, Ore. Only 1,176 bottles are being released as the first batch in September, however more will be available in the second batch, come December 2017.

Bendistillery is creator of craft spirits—Crater Lake vodka, gin and rye whiskey. All spirits are small-batch, handcrafted with natural and locally sourced ingredients in Bend, Oregon. All vodka is gluten free.

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