Ctuit Software, the leader in business intelligence software for restaurants, announced that The Beer Hunter, purveyors of premier sports bars and grills, has deployed Ctuit RADAR into its California locations.

The Web-based business intelligence solution is used by each restaurant for better visibility and control in front- and back-of-house operations.

Ctuit’s RADAR creates an electronic paper trail for improved management and insight into the restaurant’s daily operations and substantially reduces the amount of manual intervention and paper used on a daily basis.

Integrated with The Beer Hunter’s Digital Dining POS system, the solution helps the restaurant eliminate the manual processes of forecasting sales, labor, food costs, and analyzing other operational data.

By providing detailed sales dashboards and automating the generation of reports, management can increase productivity and access important information online in a timely basis.

“Any restaurant owner or management who wants to make their life easier and spend more time on the floor with their customers should have Ctuit RADAR,” says Chris Engstrom, general manager, Beer Hunter Menifee.

"The integrated inventory and recipe-costing tools have allowed me to keep an up-to-date visual on our menu mix. As market prices change, I automatically see adjustments to my food costs without the need for tedious calculations," says Chef Ben McCormack, Beer Hunter Menifee.

“Ctuit software was easy to set up and allows management an inexpensive and easy access option to critical, detailed operational data that previously took many man hours to produce,” he says. “Ctuit provides independent restaurant operators with state-of-the-art systems only national chains could afford. Ctuit brings discipline to daily operations leading to improved results.”

Rob D’Ambrosia, president and CEO of Ctuit Software, says, “Ctuit is designed to offer critical information essential to the needs of our clients. With RADAR, The Beer Hunter can drill down on a sales number and access details to make effective decisions to the bottom-line.”

Ctuit RADAR is designed to meet the unique needs of the restaurant industry and, more importantly, to custom fit any restaurant business.

The solution imports data across different restaurant concepts, locations, and across multiple POS systems within any organization to provide consistency in data and reporting on an enterprise basis.

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