Caffeine, sugar and calories are the enemies. Or at least they are according to customers of Tampa, Florida-based Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, who told the chain what they didn’t want to consume in their drinks.

In response, the 213-unit chain has launched a line of non-alcoholic drinks and ten new signature cocktails.

The family- and kid-friendly non-alcoholic drinks include:

  • Cherry Limeade Cooler: A refreshing flavor burst of cherry and lime, topped with Sprite.
  • Strawberry “Skinny”:An exquisite blend of fat-free ice cream and real strawberries. The beverage boasts less than one gram of fat
  • Fruit Flavored Teas and Lemonades: A delicious combination of freshly brewed iced tea and Minute Maid Lemonade and your choice of Torani Raspberry, Mango or Strawberry
  • Home-Style Shakes: A creamy blend of ice cream and your choice of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry served with a cherry on top
  • Piña Colada & Strawberry Smoothies: A fruity and delicious, non-alcoholic frozen treat in a variety of flavors
  • Lemon-Tea Twister: A perfect blend of freshly brewed iced tea and Minute Maid Lemonade
  • Iced Coffee Drinks:A chilled, premium coffee poured over ice

The chain wasn’t trying to do anything crazy with these new drinks but simply satisfy the requests of guests.

For the shakes, says James Walker, chief development officer, “we just took the most popular flavors on the market instead of focusing on being obscure. Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla are the favorite shake flavors.”

For dieters, or those who prefer sugar-free drinks, the Strawberry Skinny is an option, or the Cherry Limeade Cooler can be made with Diet Sprite.

To boost sales, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is pairing the non-alcoholic beverages with its food, Walker points out. The chocolate shake, for example, is paired with the Angus OMG burger; the Strawberry Skinny is paired with the chef salad; and the cherry limeade cooler pairs with wraps.

The beverages are designed for adults and kids, but there are smaller sizes available in the shakes, the smoothies and the Lemon Tea Twister.

For adults only, there are also the new signature cocktails, which include Beam Lemon Tea, Signature Sangria, the Original Mudslide, an Apple Cider Martini, and the Bloody ‘O’ Brady.

The goal, Walker says, was “to offer unique cocktails at a very reasonable price that have a great flavor. Apple martinis are very popular but our mix includes real apple cider in the mix and it’s made with Ketel One vodka.” The Bloody ‘O’ Brady includes a spicy Tabasco Bloody Mary mix and a Sangarita is a margarita swirled with the chain’s Signature Sangria.

We’re really focusing on using quality ingredients,” Walker adds. “The chocolate in the shake, for example, is Torani chocolate, and it’s Tabasco in the Bloody ‘O’ Brady.

The beverages vary in price. The non-alcoholic drinks run $2.99 to $3.99, while kids sizes cost $2.49. The cocktails, many of which are served in a 23-oz. glass, cost between $4.99 and $6.99.

By Amanda Baltazar



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