Barefoot Wine proudly presents “One Beach” (#onebeach), a film that tells the personal stories of people who are using creativity and innovation to help keep the world's beaches "barefoot friendly." Directed by renowned surf filmmaker Jason Baffa and produced by Farm League, the film profiles six passionate people who are working to help fix the global beach trash problem. The first installment of “One Beach” debuts on Facebook September 20, 2011, with subsequent episodes posted weekly for five weeks following the premiere.

The beach enthusiasts featured in “One Beach” are making waves in their respective fields and their work caught Barefoot Wine's attention. They include:

  • Richard and Judith Lang (California): Collect plastic from their local beach to create large sculptures, installations, photo tableaus, and jewelry.
  • Kevin Cunningham (Rhode Island): Rhode Island School of Design graduate who builds surf boards from beach trash.
  • Barbara de Vries (Bahamas): Fashion designer who makes jewelry and fashion T-shirts from found beach plastic.
  • Tim Silverwood (Australia): Environmentalist who founded the nonprofit Take 3, focused on beach health and taking the time to pick up litter.
  • Jim Moriarty (California): Avid surfer and CEO of Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves, and beaches.

"The beach has been a source of inspiration throughout my filmmaking career, so I feel a great responsibility to respect and preserve it," says director Jason Baffa. "‘One Beach’ documents a group of advocates and honors their unique stories, pioneering spirit, and overall global impact."

Additional footage for “One Beach” was captured on International Surfing Day, an annual worldwide event founded by Surfrider Foundation and SURFING magazine that celebrates the sport of surfing while raising awareness through beach cleanups, paddle outs, rallies, and more. Barefoot Wine was the presenting sponsor of the 2011 International Surfing Day and has been a supporter of Surfrider Foundation for more than 15 years.

"We're proud to unveil ‘One Beach’ and are excited to share it with our foot fans around the world," says Jennifer Wall, winemaker for Barefoot Wine & Bubbly. "The film is a celebration of our longstanding commitment to barefoot friendly beaches and the people who keep them that way."

To view the trailer and watch ‘One Beach’ when it premieres on September 20, visit Join the conversation by using #onebeach.

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