Armored Fresh, a Food Tech company specializing in alternative dairy products, has announced a new partnership with beloved East Coast restaurant chain, Bareburger. The popular burger chain is highlighting the partnership with a new and improved menu that calls out Armored Fresh’s delicious zero-dairy Oat Milk Cheddar Cheese as an add-on to any vegan, vegetarian, or meat-based menu item. In addition to offering the deliciously melty slices as an option for any order, Bareburger is launching two new menu creations crafted with the Oat Milk Cheddar Slices, including the Armored Fresh Melt, and the Impossible Standard.  

The collaboration between Armored Fresh and Bareburger was made in an effort to expand sustainable impact through a creamy zero-dairy cheese that tastes and melts like dairy and has a similar price point. Traditionally, plant-based cheeses have been reserved for vegans and vegetarians. However, this unique new partnership is expanding the reach of zero-dairy cheeses to flexitarians and omnivores alike, based on the incredible taste and melting properties of Armored Fresh cheese that is loved by all. With Armored Fresh Oat Milk Cheddar Cheese Slices, Bareburger is making it easier than ever to make a healthier and more sustainable cheese choice, regardless of if you eat meat or not.  

“Our mission has always been to make a positive impact on human and planetary health through delicious zero-dairy foods, however in order to achieve this we must appeal to all consumers, not only those who subscribe to vegan or plant-based lifestyles,” says Armored Fresh founder and CEO, Rudy Yoo. “While it may be an untraditional approach, our new partnership with Bareburger demonstrates that our delicious zero-dairy cheeses are a perfect option for everyone. We’re thrilled to find partners like Bareburger who share our vision of a healthier, more sustainable future for all!” 

The decision to incorporate Armored Fresh into the Bareburger menu was ignited by Bareburger’s Head Chef, Misha Levin. Known for his focus on quality ingredients and prudent standards when it comes to taste, the new menu items were created by Chef Levin himself. Additional details include: 

Armored Fresh Melt – Impossible Beef, melty Armored Fresh Oat Milk Cheddar, herb mayo, caramelized onions, and roasted garlic sourdough. SRP $14.95. 

Impossible Standard – Impossible Beef, Armored Fresh Oat Milk Cheddar, caramelized onion, dill pickle, garlic aioli, and organic ketchup.  SRP $15.95.   

“Armored Fresh truly changed my mind about plant-based cheese,” says Chef Levin. “The first time I tried it, I really couldn’t tell the difference between dairy-made cheese and Armored Fresh cheese. Having a dairy-free cheese immediately get my culinary brain working was honestly a first for me. I loved experimenting with recipes to find the perfect way to showcase this incredible cheese on our menu. It’s a delicious cheese that I’m confident everyone will enjoy, dairy-free or not!” 

Dedicated to taste and sustainability, Armored Fresh takes pride in crafting the highest quality zero-dairy products that never ask consumers to sacrifice taste in lieu of making a better choice for the planet. Armored Fresh Oat Milk Cheddar Slices as well as the two new menu items are available now at 15 Bareburger locations.

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