Bar Louie is promoting responsible drinking through a unique designated driver partnership with Coca-Cola.

Now through Dec. 31, from 4 p.m. to close, when groups get into the holiday spirit at any Bar Louie location, their DD will be rewarded with free Coke products all night. Bar Louie’s front-of-house staff have been trained to recognize when guests aren’t ordering alcoholic drinks due to their driving responsibilities. Once recognized, the server will tell the guest about the program, thank them for their dedication to safety and notify the manager to comp all of their non-alcoholic Coke products for the remainder of their visit. If there are multiple designated drivers per group or tab, they’ll all be entitled to the complimentary service.

“The holidays are a special time when families and friends gather and celebrate together,” says Bar Louie CEO Tom Fricke. “Whether you’re out drinking with friends you haven’t seen in a while, or you just need a break from the in-laws, Bar Louie is here for you. And above all, we want our guests to be safe. This partnership with Coca-Cola invites our designated driver guests to join in the fun with alcohol-free beverages as we all celebrate the holiday season.”

Along with encouraging guests to be safe, Bar Louie knows you may need some “relative relief” during the holidays. That’s why most of its neighborhood bars will be open Thanksgiving Day, ready to serve anyone looking for a much-needed escape.

The tenets of the Original Gastrobar are simple – Eat. Drink. Be Happy. Best recognized for its signature martinis, Bar Louie offers handcrafted drinks with premium liquors, delicious chef-inspired food and exceptional service in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. With Bar Louie, no two bars are going to be the same because the brand listens to the neighborhoods it serves. Whether you’re looking for great food, a refreshing cocktail or just good conversion, Bar Louie has you covered.

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