The world's first 'meat-flavored spirit', Bakon Vodka, today marked another first, as they unveiled a brand new bottle design with a distinctive twist.

Every Bakon Vodka bottle will now be embellished with a unique new quick response (QR) code that individualizes each bottle for its owner. The QR code will allow the bottle to be tracked and the customer who scans the code to enter into a 'game-like' environment where they can earn badges for purchasing new bottles, trying a recipe, or passing the bottle to a friend in a new location.

"It's kind of a Foursquare for products," says Bakon Vodka co-founder Sven Liden.

The social game solution was designed and implemented by Ethofy, a Seattle company focused on social marketing and sales.

"While QR codes are traditionally used to take consumers to a Website or place of purchase, the Bakon team wanted a unique way to leverage the technology to give customers a fun, interactive experience," says Dan Frumin, Ethofy CEO.

"Bakon customers play on their phones and share their scan history and comments on Facebook. Social games and badges incent customers to scan and share while simultaneously giving us a deeper understanding of how customers experience our product," Liden says.

The new QR coded Bakon Vodka bottles are now shipping throughout the 41 states where the spirit is currently available.

The company expects the QR coded bottles to boost the company's thriving social media community by engaging the brand in new ways with its more than 54,000 Facebook fans and almost 5,000 Twitter followers. The new Bakon Vodka bottle also has a new design for better shelf visibility in retail environments and bars.

Both teams are already planning the next wave of features for the QR-coded bottles and social game, including customized daily fortunes, scavenger hunts, and photo contests.

Stefan Schachtell, another co-founder of Bakon Vodka adds "It's a great feature for our distributors too because we can get sales teams and bars involved in the game, organize sales contests, and track the viral nature of the application."

Launched in 2009, Bakon Vodka's premium quality potato vodka announced a new partnership with Southern Wine & Spirits, the number one distributor in the United States, as well as expanded partnerships with Republic National Distributing Company and California's BevMo! stores to increase product accessibility.

"Drinking is a social activity that doesn't need to always be linked to overconsumption, and we've found a fun way to make that happen for our enthusiastic community," closes Liden.

Bakon Vodka retails for around $30 and can be found in bars, restaurants and liquor stores nationwide.

Born in Seattle in 2009, Bakon Vodka began with an interest to infuse a smoky peppered-bacon flavor into a premium potato vodka. The resulting bacon-flavored liquor is column distilled with superior quality potatoes to create a smoky and savory vodka ideal for mixing 'carnivorous cocktails'.

Ethofy develops and markets solutions that help companies engage customers and partners in becoming brand and product advocates.

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