Bahama Breeze recently kicked off its fourth annual Rumtoberfest, a celebration of all things rum.

“Rumtoberfest at Bahama Breeze allows guests to enjoy a true Caribbean experience,” says John Wilkerson, senior vice president of Bahama Breeze. “And this year, we’re excited to introduce new promotions to make the celebration even more memorable.”

The Rumtoberfest menu features new cocktails crafted in the spirit of those served at islanders’ favorite neighborhood bars. This year’s selections include:

Pirate’s Paradise—This cocktail gets its name from Port Royal, Jamaica’s infamous pirate city. Served in an exclusive take-home glass, this drink features lime, passion fruit, ginger, vanilla and bitters, with an upside-down 50-ml bottle of Captain Morgan.

Rum Thyme—This drink was created in the spirit of Prohibition-era rum runners who brought ships of whiskey and rum into the U.S. from the Caribbean. It features Zaya Rum, Old Overholt Rye, orange juice, lime juice and thyme syrup.

High Tide Swizzle—The swizzle pre-dates the cocktail and is one of the Caribbean’s original rum drinks. The word “swizzle” comes from the stick (literally a stick from a tree) that was once used to mix the cocktail and add bittering flavors.

Rum & Coke Ribs (appetizer)—Features tender baby back ribs tossed in the restaurant’s signature rum and coke glaze.

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