Diversified Restaurant Holdings, Inc., the creator, developer, and operator of Bagger Dave’s Burger Tavernand one of the largest franchisees for Buffalo Wild Wings, launched a new, distinctive interior and exterior design with its opening of the latest Bagger Dave’s in Carmel, Indiana, on Sunday, May 11.

“We have made noticeable improvements and updates to the interior and exterior design of our Bagger Dave’s as we continue to evolve the brand and deepen its appeal,” says Michael Ansley, president and CEO. “The look is a little edgier and has more emphasis on the bar area. The evolution of the exterior with hip-roof design and enhanced branding elements has a more current feel and is designed to appeal to all demographics.”

The Carmel location is the sixth Bagger Dave’s in Indiana, in line with DRH’s planned expansion across the Midwestern region. Carmel has been the recipient of many awards, including one of the top 50 Best Places to Live for 2013 by CNN Money Magazine.

During the current year, DRH has relocated one BWW and opened a Bagger Dave’s. The company plans to add another seven Bagger Dave’s in Michigan and Indiana, relocate an additional BWWc and open three more BWWs by the end of 2014.

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