Bad Daddy’s will ensure all guests feel extra festive this season with its holiday menu offerings beginning Wednesday, Nov. 8.

Available until Tuesday, Jan. 2, Bad Daddy’s seasonal menu features a cheesy appetizer, Thanksgiving dinner-inspired burger, two beverages and a shake to have something for everyone:

  • Fried Mozzarella Medallions — Hand-breaded with fresh basil, thyme and breadcrumbs, this appetizeris served with warm tomato jam and fresh basil to deliver comfort in every bite.
  • Lucky Pilgrim — Features a layer of grilled Granny Smith apples, a 100% turkey patty, creamy Brie cheese, house-made sausage-apple stuffing and sweet and tart orange cranberry spread. For the ultimate dunking experience, this burger is served with a side of herb-infused Thanksgiving gravy.
  • Royal Bourbon Punch — A festive libation made with Crown Royal Whisky, apple juice, cranberry juice, lemon and iced tea.
  • Holiday Thyme Mocktail — A sweet concoction made with Apple Reàl, cranberry juice, lime and ginger beer topped with a sprig of thyme.
  • Gingersnap Shake — Handspun with gingersnaps and whipped cream. For a spicy kick, get it spiked with Fireball Whisky.

“We’re thrilled to spread the warmth and joy of the holiday season with our winter menu,” Bad Daddy’s CEO Ryan Zink says. “With festive beverages like our Royal Bourbon Punch and Holiday Thyme Mocktail, the seasonal Lucky Pilgrim, along with our everyday menu, we are bringing the holiday spirit and excited to make every visit a celebration with friends and family at Bad Daddy’s.”

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is committed to cooking delicious, made-from-scratch items in its kitchens daily. The southern-rooted concept is renowned for its signature chef-inspired burgers, such as the Bacon Cheeseburger on Steroids and the Bad Ass Burger. The flavorful menu also features giant chopped salads, specialty sides, appetizers and handspun milkshakes. The restaurant offers a full gluten-friendly menu and regional chef specials that incorporate local flavors and ingredients, along with a full bar offering an array of craft beers from regional breweries.

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